Project: Tablet App Safety Management System

Client: Dutch Railroad (NS)

NS want to achieve a higher level of safety. We noticed that the intranet was not the easiest way of reading the safety documents on location. My responsibility was to find a better solution. Channel was chosen by a short UX research. The tablet was the optimal channel. Design was created at the stakeholders location to ensure openness and easy communication. Design was made interactive to experience the solution. End users tested the App. The success of the design was the reason to start the development.

Products: research, wireframes, simulation, usability test, visual design, specifications and software.


Project: Innovation forensic research

Client: Dutch Tax Office / Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD)

FIOD developed an innovative way of researching in big datasets. But the organisation and end users wouldn’t adopt it. So they ask me to led FIOD in applying innovation with adoptation by the end users. We got insights from UX research. The design was created in narrow cooperation with the end users and stakeholders. I led the organization and the team in applying the UCD design method in combination with Scrum based developing. Result was a positive adoption of the design. The product will be tested in practice during a pilot phase.

Products: research, personas, scenarios, wireframes, simulation, usability test, visual design, specification and software.


Project: Marketplace around work 

Client: Dutch Tax Office

The Dutch Tax Office faced the challenge that many employees will be retiring within a few years and the government is demanding a higher level of monitoring. A marketplace around work was necessary to develop people, find new people etc. An UX research period gives insight from the employee and business perspective. The innovation of the organisation wasn’t aligned with the expertise of the employees. And the employees and managers weren’t open to step into another position. We brought in a team of 3 UX designers, 2 architects and several subject matter experts to create the solution by an open transparent UCD based approach. Result was a design of a digital solution to stimulate the professional development of 40.000 employees.

Products: user and stakeholder interviews, customer Journey, personas, scenarios, wireframes, simulations, usability tests, functional specifications, visual design.


Project: Business Intelligence Portal  

Client: Cargill B.V.

Cargill wanted to encourage management to work with KPI’s. My responsibility was to show how a Business Intelligence Portal must be approached to ensure the adoptation worldwide. An UCD method based approach on location of Cargill ensured knowledge transfer. Portal offered not only the KPI but also led the end user to lower information layers to analyze the score of the KPI. It becomes more practical instead of an aloof number. Design was based on out-of-the-box software. Result was an easy adoptation by the end users.

Products: research, wireframes, simulation, visual design, specifications and software.


Project: Internet banking Portal for ABN AMRO employees

Client: ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

ABN AMRO created a new experience around internet banking for customers. They also want to offer this functionality to the 10.000 employees which are in contact with customers. But the employees also have to record a lot of information about consumers, do cross selling etc. Goal was to improve the customer excellence and lower the cost per customer contact. The project was is a complex and frustration state. First step was to address the problems between the several projects and stakeholders. We brought in an UCD approach based on transparency by visualisation. Business goals were set and UX research shows us the user needs. Result was an innovative design, which facilitates the employee to deliver a higher service within a shorter time. Measuring during usability testing proves this.

Products: field research, customer journey, scenarios, wireframes, simulation, usability tests, visual design, functional specifications, portal vision.


Project: Internet banking for consumers  

Client: ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

ABN AMRO wanted to improve the customer experience of internet banking. I was responsible for the design of every product around accounts in cooperation with a large business process improvement project. Through the UCD method we ensured the end user needs. Result was an effective and user friendly design with a high level of re-usable design patterns.

Products: research, wireframes, guidelines, design patterns and specifications.


Project: redesign internet

Client: APG Algemene Pensioen Groep N.V.

ABP (daughter of APG) received a lot of negative remarks on their website so they asked APG to redesign the website. Main goal was to lower the costs of customer contacts. They asked me to manage a multi-disciplinary team in applying UCD. Research result was that ABP stands too far away of their end-users to understand their needs. So I increased the contact with the target groups during the design. During the two-months period of design I transferred a lot of knowledge and I set the base for the design. Result was trained APG employees and a decrease in customer contacts.

Products: research, customer journey, personas, scenarios, wireframes, simulation, specification and software.


Project: Customer and employee portal

Client: VOPAK

Vopak wanted to improve the intimacy with their customers and employees so they had the wish to create an intranet and extranet. They asked me to create a design for both platforms and to ensure that the design was adopted by the worldwide based end-users. Vopak had a high level of scope and budget. I led several workgroups by applying an UCD based method with very early visualisation. Simulations were used to test several versions of the design. Result was a specified intranet and extranet within three months. During the realization I fulfilled the role of business project manager.

Products: research, scenarios, wireframes and specifications.


Project: implementing Rapid Design And Visualization (RDV)

Client: Capgemini

Capgemini developed an UCD based design method supplemented with pressure cook elements like working together, workshops and sharing a goal. I was responsible to implement these method ( RDV) in the Netherlands. After writing an implementation plan I trained people, set up the communication and supported several projects. Result is a trained group of employees, sales is running and RDV is operational.

Products: communication material and training.


Project: ELoket for subsidy

Client: Ministry of Economic Affairs / NL agency

NL agency received a large number of complaints about the digital solution for requesting subsidy. Plans were made for a long time but they also received resistance from their employees during designing. My responsibility was to bring the organization to an adopted and user friendly design within a short period of time. An UCD design based method with workshops was implemented by me. Employees and citizens worked together on the design. Every large step in the design was tested by the end users. Result was a design which was adopted by the employees and user friendly for the end-users.

Products: research, personas, scenarios, wireframes, simulation, specification and guidelines.


Project: marketing website to measure the market

Client: SNS Reaal NV

SNS was measuring the German market through a website where end users rank financial products. SNS received insights in needs and demands as research for a market approach. As project manager I managed the design and development team during maintenance and improvement. Result was short iterative improvements of the website.

Products: statics, wireframes, visual design and software


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