Project: one IKEA jobmarket (currently working on)

The IKEA world is a combination of many companies, they operate with one brand and one vision but the role in the chain is different. The companies have to deal with legal restrictions. Still we want to offer all jobs at the IKEA brand to candidates. This means that we need to develop a digital solution including proceses how an user can find a job or express their interest on very easy way without jumping from website to website. My role in this is to guide a stakeholder group towards the right set of functional specifications. Of course validated with end-users, technical experts and content producers.


Project: (currently working on)

IKEA is lacking a real brand website and one global place where we can share news, jobs etc. A project with the several stakeholders was started to come to one shared and accepted solution. My role was to safeguard the user centricty in the solution. I did that by bringing in the user pain points of the current situation. This was a trigger to determine how we can cover this with the future solution. Currently we have hired an external agency to do the concept and the design based on our multi-disciplinairy briefing. I check the user friendlyness, steer on metrics and do recomendations for testing with end users


Project: research online homeplanners (currently working on)

IKEA wants to take the next step in how people plan their interiour because it will help to create a connection for a longer period. Let people experience what it means to have solutions who are able to follow the personal needs. Digital plays an important role in this journey. My role is this was to guide the project team in setting up the research phase in several countries with customers and co-workers. Besides validation with the user group we also included a way to validate the several designs from an expert perspective.


Project: User Experience Research Toolkit                 

The need for research is growing triggered by more user centric thinking and implementation of UX in the organisation. But experts were spending too much time on the preparation of research. The toolkit make us more efficient but also more effective. We can compare tools internally but also with external benchmarks. I initiated the project, created a projectorganisation and managed the steering group. End result was a toolkit with process, tools, instructions, templates and metrics to do user centric research. It is build for usage by experts but also to facilitate do-it-yourself. The toolkit is showing his succes by supporting several projects like homeplanner, assembly instructions, password manager and HR vacancy system.


Project: Automated Storage and Picking 

At IKEA runs a big transformation program triggered by the changing demands of our customers and the disruption of technology. One of the projects is about using robots in our storage areas in the store. This should facilitate the change that customers are less open to pick their products themself and it will enable us to use this as delivery centers for e-commerce and picking on demand. We are involved to design the screens on the robots for manual operation. The specific and new situation put demands on design from user perspective but also from safety and geographical. The designs are tested and iterated.

Project: Assembly instructions 

The paper manual for assembling our furniture has won many design prices. IKEA of Sweden is exploring what technology could mean to keep the quality level highwith the upcoming trends. We discovered that there was no journey defined that could be used in pilot to select and validate technology like movie, VR, etc. We started a research project to create that journey. Via observation and interviewing we collected information for a journey. Together with the current designers we grounded a default journey technology independent. We also came with inspirational ideas and with a model to get the functional demands on the technology per step in the journey. This is now the base to develop more channels besides paper.


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