ABN AMRO coworker portal

Design and development of a supporting and time saving portal to improve the customer experience

It all started with the business wish to act on the negative feedback of customers when they are meeting ABN AMRO co-workers at the banking office or via the support centre. The feedback was about that it takes time and that the co-worker is asking the same question several times.

Research showed that that the co-worker is working with several applications to help the customer. Each application was optimised for the specific product or product group. We also learned that very often the customer question was not limited to one product or that possible impact of a change requires to look to another product. Stakeholder interviews showed the reason why the co-worker is working with many applications but also how difficult it was to change it all at once.

I developed a concept that supports the current situation but also the transformation towards more integration of applications. In short the concept was about putting apps in a dock and creating one flow based on the customer needs. The product roadmap shows different steps like starting with the process, seeing customer details, etc.

The development started from the most easiest quick win: the bank account number. Observations showed that many call center co-workers are using notepad to put the number with dots and without dots as base. This to meet the different field specifications in the different applications. Calculations showed that step was already saving a lot of time and with that money. We also did (of course) a user test with a simulation to improve the design and the flow.

The development team of User Experience designers, business analisten and system developers where guided by me to make the specifications of concept and start developing.