ABP website

How to organise content and functionality by understanding your visitors

It all started with a Project Initiation Document written by Pension fund for employees in the government and education sectors to upgrade their public website. Big question was how they could make the step from current competence to a fully user centric perspective. An intern project team with 14 members was selected but needed some training. Rapid Design & Visualisation by Capgemini was introduced to ABP and I was responsible to train the team by doing the work around upgrading the website.

I created an 9 weeks approach targeting the different steps and the main stakeholder based on the 100% availability of the project team. First step was to set the main purpose of the website build on the fact that some will come with an holistic goal and some with a more specific based on ABP communication. The team observed some panel groups conversations facilitated by an external research agency. Then we talked and analysed what we have heard and come to more understanding about possible segmentation and landing pages for different groups.

The project team was ready to take the next steps in making thing more tangible. The method contains several workshops where you bring groups together but in the case the internal project team because it was meant as safe environment to learn and make mistakes. As example a workshop were we worked from user observations to screens via goals and scenarios.

The screens were base for three concepts, including wireframes and a simulation, which were validated with the panels involved earlier and new panels. Also here an external agency was moderating the test and I was facilitating the learning moment for the project team. Findings were scored and we noted some remarks for and from ourself.

All output was together with attention for the user and business goals translated into a design that was ready to be validated, be specified and to be developed. That was the end goal of the intense training into user centric design for all project members.