IKEA assembly instructions

Getting an understanding on how IKEA in a better way can help our customer with the assembly process

It all started with the wish to understand how we can continue with winning awards around the assembly instructions. At the moment of research we used printed instructions with only visual language. Already at that moment a large and increasing group of consumers regard the screen as their first choice for information about assembly, and expect it to come in other forms than print.

The base of the research design was the current situation where assembly instructions are offered after opening the box. We use these experience to discover what the needs besides that specific moment. We use an interview to dive into the needs, 50% will have the interview before assembling the product, 50% after assembling.

Observations and the interviews were analysed and captured in a report towards IKEA of Sweden. Main outcome was that the paper instructions are only touching a part of the user journey and there was a need to have more available before and after the assembly. Some explorative conversations happend with vendors that could enrich current instructions with tech or bring it towards earlier or later. Prerequisite was that we should build on the current creation process of the instructions.

The inspiration brought by vendors and the outcome of the research was presented but also the base for a workshop to work with it in a user journey template. Ideas of the experts were placed in to-be journeys. During the workshop we achieved that the group opened up their mind and showed energy to improve and explore more around assembly. The fact that they have won awards was seen as motivator to renew.

The business owner was very happy with the movement and the ground to build a glorious future around (de)assembling IKEA products.