IKEA co-create the future

Defining the global future state of creating a better customer experience via better support for IKEA co-workers

It all started with getting insights on the current reality of co-workers that are meeting the customer and the ones that are enabling the customer to shop. The type of research differs between getting data on devices towards stepping into their shoes for several days. Goal of the research was to find patterns on the current barriers to deliver an IKEA unique experience towards customers by using knowledge, learning and other content. Deliveries were as-is journeys, personas and top tasks.

Then we prepared ourself to run co-creation workshops with the relevant co-workers to explore what the future could be when take the barriers away. The workshops are covering the prioritisation of tasks (frequency/impact), the new flow to do what you wanted to do, a visualisation of the flow and the enrichment of the visualisation by other team at the workshop.

The output of the workshop was the base for us to create stories with our understanding of the bigger business and technology picture. The storyboards are globally validated with co-workers and then improved and designed into an animation. These are used to share with stakeholders and to align needed investment.