IKEA decision journey

Getting an understanding on how IKEA can help customers with digital in their decision journey at the shop floor

It all started with seeing that soon a project will start to explore the opportunities of digital in the store. The project will be focussed on designing and developing possible solutions. We needed more insights in the steps and needs of the customers in the store. This activity is about a mini research to brief and train project members to research more as foundation for the design and development project.

My first action was to open up the eyes of the project members and walk to the store with them and position ourself in a good place to observe customers. Task was to observe what was happening at the shop floor. What were customers doing? What is their face expression? In our reflection we shared what we saw. This has led to an observation form that should help to do more observations.

The project members were convinced that the observations will deliver value but then the question came up about how to find opportunities for digital in the store. My steer was that observations need to be validated and that we will interview customers to find the barriers they have experienced or which choices are made. A research plan included interview questions was created.

Project members enjoyed this way of collecting insights and came back with many ideas. All collected input were brought into a workshop where we worked together on understanding the customer journey and to see where opportunities could be found. The groups has worked with post-its and big pieces of paper, I have created designed journeys to make it a base for the project.