IKEA Exploration web and content strategy

Exploration to see how we can simplify be smarter with one Global web and content strategy that will serve the whole digital landscape.

It all started with the business wish to make things easier because there were many IKEA websites available at the web competing to each other in search but also in supporting parts of the user journey and goals. Desk research showed the total overview and enabled us to classify the sites into user goal(s) and see the conceptual picture.

Based on this insight we creates several persona’s that are leading us in the next steps.

We found representative people for each persona for co-creation sessions to understand their needs and their journeys. They were created during the session and validated with the participants but also people outside. Later on the journeys were completed for the other lanes.

Then the question came up how we are going to balance the e-retail with the brand information depending on the journeys. So we can up with a model how the flow will look like and what kind of demands will it put on the strategy.

Then we translated this model into the journeys via a clickable flow including as-is and to-be via wireframing. These flows were validated.

In the mean time we were drafting the strategy for the brand (international) site feeding into the retail websites. The flows and insights on how it could has led to an outcome that was the base for the current website about.ikea.com and more.