IKEA global jobportal

Bring all opportunities together as one IKEA for internal and external candidates

It all started with the outcome of research that candidates has to visit many digital places to find jobs under the IKEA brand. A cross company group received the assignment to find a solution to deal with company specific processes, wishes and platforms. The first step was to align on the wished position. This was facilitated via work sessions and has led to the base for the rest of the work.

The next step to see more details of the flow and the user interface via wireframes. Also here we applied working sessions to visualise the ideas, share it, collect feedback and see the outline of the optimal flow including search, explore and read about brand related aspects.

The wireframes were validated by potential candidates via a simulation. These session were held digitally but also at local locations like high schools. The output was processed by the designers and shared with the other members of the group. The first high fidelity designs were created with input of existing employer brand and design system. Also this stage was validated.

The homepage is covering the different type of candidates. On top the ones that wants to search directly, then the group that loves the brand but like to see where they could match via a selector and at the bottom the safety net for the people who needs more information before the will be active.

We also applied storytelling via short movies to give more feeling about what it is to work at IKEA. Local people were guided in setting up the story and do some recording. This was edited centrally and used at the job portal.

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