IKEA (hyper) personalisation

Setting the global personalisation for delivering relevant content in the moment of need to improve the customer experience

It all started at the programme Coworker Content Experience with seeing that we were struggling to understand what was relevant for all IKEA co-workers, how to use knowledge graph in combination with co-workers profile and how to take steps. We did one step back and defined what we wanted to achieve from UX perspective. We did that via setting principles.

Then we create cards with examples what we needed to do/enable. These cards are used by designers, developers and product owners to validate the design and flow. The cards about being coworker centric and data ethics where used.

In the mean time I has also organised co-creation sessions with experts to understand ho we could define the steps coming from no personalisation towards so-called hyper personalisation. Use cases and innovative algorithms were used in this sessions to show what the possibilities, dependencies and limitations were. I enriched the product roadmap with a bigger swimming-lane around personalisation leading towards using personalisation to personalise for others.

This has led to a flow covering the foundation for omni-channel personalisation where the coworker is setting his profile and saving it safely on our infrastructure.